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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ebenezer Scrooge will save us!

The Greek Debt Con Game.
The international bankers tell us we are all going to Hell unless they get countless billions from governments and taxpayers to cover the bad loans they make.

If Ebenezer Scrooge was in charge we would not be in this mess.

By Gary;

Let me say right off that I love and admire the great businessman Ebenezer Scrooge.  A man who worked hard for a living, built a solid business and watched his money.

But in the pansy liberal fantasy world of Charles Dickens businessmen like Scrooge are to be mocked in every possible way.  In a political dig Dickens even patterned Scrooge on a relative of free market economist Adam Smith named Ebenezer Lennox Scroggie.

Scrooge would have warned us that big spending Liberalism and Socialism would fail.  Here we are with the United States and Europe bankrupt.

Check out this wonderful "deal" worked out for Greece by the moron international bankers and their boot-licking political allies.    
  • The European deal calls for private banks to take a 50% write-down on the value of the Greek bonds they hold.
  • In return, Greece would get $140 billion in NEW bailout loans.
    Ebenezer Scrooge  -  A fine
    businessman and capitalist.

SCROOGE ALERT  -  Let's see.  Greece is totally broke.  Period.  The ruling class of bankers and politicians who were educated at all the "best schools" tell us the answer to bankruptcy is to loan Greece even more money.

Let's get real.  These people are fucking morons. 

There is no way in Hell that Ebenezer Scrooge would run a bank or a government this way.  Nor would Scrooge stand for the insane spending beyond your means and phony printing press money by modern Socialist governments.  

THE SCROOGE SOLUTION  -  I firmly believe that Ebenezer would look long and hard at the international bankers and say, "Fire their asses and sell off the banks."

In the pretend world of Marxist economics you keep the idiots in place who created the problem in the first place.  Then you pour in more and more tax money to prop up the failed policies of bankers who have not a clue what they are doing.  After all, banks are too big to fail.

But in the real capitalist world of Scrooge you would use the banking laws to seize insolvent banks that are poorly run and made bad loans.  Then you fire those in charge and sell off the assets of the failed banks to other banks that are run properly.

That is Adam Smith and Ebenezer Scrooge capitalism.

But Europe is run by the Charles Dickens Socialists.  They are doomed.

The morons running the international banks want YOUR money to cover their bad loans.
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