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Friday, November 25, 2011

Army forces chaplain to remove the cross

The Army forced the chaplain to take the cross off his chapel.
Servicemen at Camp Marmal in northern Afghanistan, a German base for NATO forces, said they found the cross 'inspiring' and 'motivating'

Fuck the Government  -  An Army chaplain was forced to take down the Christian cross because the Army manual bans the permanent display of ‘distinctive religious symbols’

By Gary;

U.S. soldiers at a remote base in Afghanistan were left outraged after a large cross outside a chapel was taken down because it broke Army rules.

I have totally had it with the liars and slime that run this craphole government.

From the safety of their Beltway offices the old windbag liars in D.C. will send Americans off to war in Hellholes all over the planet.  Then once the troops are on the front lines the politicians take away the religious symbols of our soldiers in some knee-jerk Liberal masturbation of political correctness.

I say FUCK THE GOVERNMENT.  Our Founding Fathers died to give us the Bill of Rights which allows freedom of religion not freedom from religion.

Remove this Star of David?
A religious symbol on
government land must offend
some politically correct
Democrat left-winger. 
At this point I say to young people, do not enlist in the military and to those serving do not re-enlist.  Fuck the bastards right up the military chain of command to Congress and the White House.  If the higher ups are not going to show respect for the troops and the Bill of Rights then let them fight their own damn wars.

Servicemen at Camp Marmal in northern Afghanistan, a German base for NATO forces, said they found the cross ‘inspiring’ and ‘motivating’, reports the UK Daily Mail.

But the base chaplain was forced to take it down because his Army manual bans the permanent display of ‘distinctive religious symbols’.

‘Not having it there is really upsetting,’ one soldier told Politico. ‘Seeing the cross is a daily reminder of my faith and what Jesus accomplished for me.’

Another admitted that some of his fellow soldiers only get through foreign deployments because they can openly express their faith.

‘The chapel is the one place that feels like home,’ one soldier told Politico, adding that is a 'constant reminder for all of us that Jesus is here for us'.

One soldier claimed the chaplain simply told him he ‘had to take it down’ - and a Pentagon spokesman confirmed it was removed.

‘The removal was, in fact, in accordance with Army regulations,’ Commander William Speaks told Politico.   (UK Daily Mail)

The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their cross marked gaves.
The liar hack politicians and the political hack generals they favor for promotion don't want their troops to have a Christian cross while they are alive . . . Will the troops be allowed to have a cross when they are dead?  Whould not a cross in a government cemetery "offend" some left-wing politically correct Democrat?

What next?  -  Will we be digging up and replacing the cross?
US soldiers salute at the Colleville-sur-Mer military cemetery, Omaha Beach.
The cemetery is the resting place of two of Theodore Roosevelt's sons.
Link to American military cemeteries in Europe

Will the political hack Generals be ripping down crosses in Europe?
The World War One Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium.

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