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Monday, November 28, 2011

Barney Frank retires - Now comes more lies

Hannity and Limbaugh have lied to you.
If you listened to right-wing politicians and their media supporters you would think Barney Frank caused the real estate meltdown and financial collapse.  Wrong.  Republican Congressman Mike Oxley of Ohio was Chairman House Committee on Financial Services from 2001-2007.   Not Frank.

GOP Bullshit Alert  -  Beware of GOP lies about Barney Frank

By Gary;

Rep. Barney Frank (Socialist Democrat - Mass.) announced Monday that he is not seeking reelection, ending a 32-year career in the House.

Goodbye Barney . . . don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Frank is a Socialist pig.  But readers of The Federalist know they get the real truth here and not partisan bullshit.  The truth is Beltway corruption is totally bi-partisan.

Lies and damn lies  -  For the last three years right-wingers have made Barney Frank their political pinata.  To hear it from them Frank wrote all the laws that brought down the American real estate and banking industries in a market crash.

That is pure 100 % bullshit.

FACT  -  Barney Frank did not become Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee until January 2007.  Some 90% plus of the phony bad loans had already been made by that point.  From January 2006 on the housing market had already started to contract and home sales were starting plummet downward somewhere south of Hell.

FACT  -  The Republican Party controlled Congress from 1995 to 2007.  Having the majority the GOP was totally responsible for making all laws, chairing and running all committees and conducting all oversight investigations over all government programs.  Period.

Barney Frank was not in charge of jack shit.  Frank was a powerless member of the minorty party.  The Republicans were totally in charge.

I cannot stand liars no matter what their politics.  It has angered me for years to hear the so-called "Conservatives" rip on Barney Frank in order to cover up their own failures.

The real truth is the Republican Party has been the party of Big Government for over 100 years.  Just like the Democrats they are in bed with the corrupt Wall Street rip-off artists who have raped the taxpayers of their money.

The recent report of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich being paid about $1.6 million by Freddie Mac is an example of the bi-partisan Beltway corruption.  The special interests cannot legally bribe you while in office.  But once the Beltway hacks "retire" the retroactive bribes start to kick in for years of loyal service to their Masters.

So as you hear the right-wing attack Frank or the left-wing attack some Republican keep in mind that it is all a distraction to keep you from finding out the truth that they are all corrupt bastards.
Republican Congressman Jim Leach of Iowa (not Barney Frank) was the committee Chairman from 1995-2001.

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