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Friday, July 6, 2018

Man Convicted For Posting Cartoon Making Fun of Islam

The Death of the West

(Newswars)  -  A 64-year-old Swedish man was convicted of hate speech after posting a cartoon to a private Facebook group that made fun of Islam.
The man added a comment under the image in which he asserted that Muslims were “pedophiles” and “must be stopped and (have) no access to Europe.”
The satirical image was drawn by cartoonist Jan-Erik Ander. It shows two Muslim men including one holding a pram with a child.
“Grandchild?” asks one of the men, to which the other responds, “No, this is my new wife!”

The joke is based on the factual premise that child marriage is routine in many Muslim societies and the fact that the Prophet Muhammad married a 6-year-old girl.
The man was reported to authorities by Näthats Examiner, a state funded organization that hunts down the identities of anonymous people who express “hate speech” online.
The man claimed he merely posted the image because he found it humorous, but was later charged for posting both the image and the comment underneath it.
According to the prosecutor, the 64-year-old, “Threatened or expressed disagreement with the public or other group of persons on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin or creed” because he suggested that pedophilia is “part of the religion of Islam.”
The man was convicted and has to pay a daily fine of 50 Swedish Krona a day for the next 60 days.
Sweden routinely prosecutes people who make jokes about or criticize Islam.
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