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Monday, July 2, 2018

“Ethnic Cleansing” is Trump Policy Says MSNBC Leftist

Trump Derangement Syndrome
The Left has gone full Bat-Shit Crazy

MSNBC contributor and Voto Latino CEO Maria Teresa Kumar said Saturday on “AM Joy” that President Donald Trump’s immigration policy was the “beginning” of an “ethnic cleansing because the American government is “basically” saying who can be American and who cannot.

“When we go after the most vulnerable … that means everybody else is off the table,” Kumar stated. “Most recently, children that are receiving government benefits who are U.S. Americans and citizens, if their parents are legal residents — even though they are not receiving government assistance they are trying to question whether or not they can ever become citizens.”

She continued, “This is a strategy, a sort of ethnic cleansing and we are in the beginning of it and it’s important that people are marching that Americans are present because if we do not stand up for this government, we are basically giving them a carte blanche on identifying who can be American.”

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