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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Take the "Transgender Muffin Test"

Brainwashing The Youth

(Daily Mail)  -  A challenge designed to teach young people about gender identity by using muffins ‘reads like satire’ according to critics.
Cardiff academic Professor Emma Renold’s test has also been accused of suggesting teenagers are transgender ‘if they don’t fit in to designated categories’,
The ‘mixed-muffin gender berry challenge’, otherwise known as the Rotifer Project, is included in an online toolkit called Agenda, which has been given to more than 1,400 youngsters in Wales.
It works by handing out raspberry, blueberry and mixed muffins to a group and asking them to open the cakes to see what they have inside.

The participants are then asked to go and stand by blue or pink balloons, with blueberries representing masculinity and raspberries representing femininity.

But those with mixed berries are left with nowhere to go and the participants are then asked how they felt about being defined by colours and traits they might not identify with.
The guide says: ‘This got us all talking about how we come into the world already coded through gender labels; how you can’t assume someone’s gender by how they look: what it feels like to be given a gender you might not choose; and not to have your gender represented at all.”
But critics say the activity suggests being transgender or non-binary is the only alternative put forward for those who do not fit gender stereotypes.
Kathleen Stock of the University of Sussex, an academic who is working on the transgender debate, told the Times the activity was ‘confused’ and said it ‘read like satire’.
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