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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Comics

Papa John's founder forced to resign for saying someone else used the 'N-word'

He didn't say it. He said someone else said something, without using "that word." He's fired from the company he started.

"The context? It was during a conference, where Schnatter claimed that Colonel Sanders allegedly called blacks the "N-word."

In other words, Schnatter had to resign not for calling a black person the N-word, not for even using the N-word to describe blacks around white people, but merely saying that someone else used the N-word. As of this writing, there was no context that showed that Schnatter approved of Sanders's alleged use of the word, a word that is commonly used to this day by some black people.

But apparently, it is now a crime for white people to use the N-word to recount that someone else used the N-word."

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