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Friday, June 29, 2018

LGBT re-education camps for straights to open

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Sweden is set to open the country’s first “LGBT-certified” sports stadium with dressing rooms and bathroom facilities specially adapted to be inclusive of everyone “regardless of gender identity”.

Teams and sports associations wishing to use the Studenternas stadium in Uppsala, which local media reports will be ready for the 2019 soccer season, will have to undergo training in LGBT legislation and ideology.

The ‘LGBT diploma’, for which the arena’s entire workforce will undertake months of education, also focuses on “norm-critical” thinking, which purports that “prevailing norms in society” such as “whiteness” and “the binary-gender norm” are a “problem” because they result in “discrimination”.

“Uppsala municipality aims to be open and inclusive, where everyone has equal rights and the same opportunities,” the city’s sports and recreation board explained in a press release Tuesday.

Studenternas, which will also host large music concerts and similar events, is being designed to be as “gender neutral” as possible, and will likely feature unisex changing rooms with individual shower cubicles, as well as unisex toilets where possible.

According to the municipality, facilities will be adapted to ensure the stadium and its activities are welcoming and accessible to all sportsmen and spectators “regardless of [their] gender, gender identity, gender expressions, and sexual orientation”.

“I am pleased that Studenternas is to become Sweden’s first LGBT-certified arena,” said Rickard Malmström, chairman of Uppsala’s sports and recreation committee.

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