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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Illegals Treated Better Than Citizens

(Newswars) - Political commentator Mark Steyn compared how illegals enter the US to how Americans are treated while traveling inside their own borders.
“This is a country supposedly on ‘orange alert,’” Steyn said, referring to the terror threat level. “Over half of the illegal aliens present broke into a country on orange alert - that is to say, they’ve come here since 9-11.”
“Americans shuffle like a bovine herd through security that demands to know the consistency of their pumpkin pie if they’re flying home to Thanksgiving from New York to Cleveland, but the rest of the world is entitled to walk across the Rio Grande if they happen to have a little moppet in tow with them.”
“Right now Americans are living on orange alert if they make a domestic flight, but their borders are open - you’re the chumps of the planet for going along with it,” he assessed. “We’re bifurcating into a society where the law-abiding are subject to evermore onerous constraints, while the avowedly lawless are somehow venerated and fetishized.”
Steyn, himself a legal immigrant from Canada who lives in New Hampshire, blasted hypocritical leftists, such as Hillary Clinton, who have radically flip-flopped on immigration policy since realizing that importing voters from socialist, third world countries increases their chances of gaining and retaining power.
Steyn shared a personal anecdote about a US border agent threatening to deport his daughter during a legal border crossing, asserting that he would have immediately returned to Canada to be with her had it occurred.
“If the price of being in America is that I have to be separated from my children, then I’ll pass,” Steyn said. “We’re told ‘people are being snatched from the bosoms of their mothers, it’s awful, it’s heart-breaking.’
“Why don’t we just say at the border: ‘You can’t come in, but if you do, your children will be taken from you.’ And why don’t these people then say, ‘Well, I don’t want to be separated from my children - can I go back across the Rio Grande to the southern shore?’ This is the difference in treatment between the lawful and the lawless."
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Anonymous said...

This headline is sure the truth...they get everything free including a Driver's License..they cannot read nor write our language, let alone speak it fluently~ we work to support these lazy illegals and Muslims that are here, (Muslims do not like to work and do not expect to work when they get here), they break the law, a church or the government comes to them to rescue them..this is so wrong.

AN ILLEGAL DOES NOT HAVE ANY RIGHTS NOR STANDING IN THE USA so why are we doling out our tax dollars to support them better than how we live?