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Monday, June 25, 2018

"Why do we need more immigration?" asks Tucker Carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took the mask off the ultimate goal of America’s “elites” regarding immigration — a country with no borders and “immigration without limit.”

“Without much real public debate or even discussion, the elite left has reached a conclusion on the question [of immigration],” The Daily Caller founder said on his Friday night show. “It is that America needs more immigration. Much more. Immigration without limit. We shouldn’t worry about whether the people coming here have skills that we need. Whether they are educated. Whether they can speak English even or even whether they are violent criminals. In fact we shouldn’t even try to accurately count how many are coming here or how many live within our borders. Do you disagree with that? Well, then in the words of an MSNBC commentator, you’re pure evil.”

After playing the segment from MSNBC characterizing those who disagree with the liberal immigration agenda as “pure evil,” Carlson noted that “pure evil” can’t be reasoned or negotiated with, “It can only be destroyed by force.”

“Why exactly does America need more immigration?” asked Carlson. “Everybody says it does. But do we really? Does more immigration help ordinary Americans? Does it improve the country? Or does it just enrich an elite class, the policy making class at the expense of everyone else? Very few people are asking that question.”

The Fox News host then launched into a segment with Michael Anton, who recently penned a Washington Post column entitled “Why do we need more peop[le in this country, anyway?”

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Immigration - Follow the Money
Until robots can replace humans the next best thing for the corporate Elites is wide open borders and cheap labor.

Giant multi-national corporations are not spending mountains of cash on driverless vehicles so you spend time playing with your toy phone while in the car.  Corporations want to fire millions of taxi, bus and truck drivers and replace them with robots that never get paid or pay taxes into the system.
In the photo above Lyon, France is rolling out driverless public buses. (More)

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