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Friday, June 8, 2018

Now Eggs are Censored by Google

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder
What sane person thinks like this?

Google has removed the image of an egg from their salad emoji in an effort to make it vegan and promote “inclusion and diversity.”

According to the Independent, the egg was removed “so that it’s suitable for vegans,” and promotes “inclusivity among the plethora of smartphone users.”

The change was just one of many to Google’s emoji database, with other changes making emojis less angry and more gender neutral.

Google now allows gender-neutral family emojis.

“In the current Android Beta only two emojis take on this nonbinary appearance, however it appears to be a nod from Google that we might see more of this in future releases,” claimed Emojipedia.

The dagger emoji has been changed to a blue ice-style dagger with sparkles and gems, the goat emoji has been made to have a “less aggressive appearance,” and the pistol emoji has been changed into an orange water pistol.

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