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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

FBI Spygate is Frightening says Pat Caddell

The FBI is America's KGB

  • The Ends Justify the Means  -  Both parties are silent or act as Cheerleaders for the 1984 Police Surveillance State.  
  • Our new KGB spying on The Donald is bad enough, but both parties fully fund 24-7 unconstitutional spying on every American.

Veteran Democrat political operative Patrick Caddell finds the idea that the FBI had informants and electronic surveillance operating within the Trump campaign is “incredible and unheard of and frightening.” He also said the actions of the Justice Department would have been noted int he articles of impeachment if they had occurred under Richard Nixon. 
Caddell, speaking on my radio program on WMAL in Washington, says the latest revelations in the scandal President Trump calls “Spygate” are comparable if not worse than what led to President Nixon’s resignation. 
Caddell: Let me tell you, as a person who has been in seven presidential campaigns, the notion that the FBI or the CIA had informants in a campaign to give information to government agencies is incredible and unheard of and frightening. 
 O’Connor: Well yeah I mean, looking back at the presidential campaigns you worked on, can you imagine … do you think this would be a nothing story that the media would just be writing off and making excuses for if one of your campaigns had spied on by the incumbent administration? 
 Caddell: No I don’t think so. I mean, we had problems with obviously Watergate and Nixon, operatives in the political operatives …
 O’Connor: Yeah, those were hired guns… that wasn’t the FBI doing it.
 Caddell: Right right , no that would have been an impeachable offense, it would have been listed in the Articles of Impeachment…
Of course, the president who oversaw the FBI intrusion in the Trump campaign was Barack Obama and impeachment hearings are not an option for the former president. 
Caddell, a long-time Democrat, worked on the presidential campaigns of George McGovern, Jimmy Carter (twice), Gary Hart, Joe Biden and Jerry Brown.  He recently has been critical of the Democratic Party and predicted the success of Donald Trump in the 2016 election. 
Washington Times

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