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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Socialists attack anti-immigration politicians in Greece - It is the Death of the West

Illegal Alien Muslims Pour into Greece
But the reaction of the Socialist leadership is to arrest the
anti-immigrant members of the Greek Parliament.

The Death of the West  -  It is both fascinating and nauseating to see the pure hatred the ruling Elites of the West have for their own nations, culture and religion.

With one hand European Leftists eagerly push birth control, abortion and euthanasia to "eliminate" the native population, while with the other hand they work to import "downtrodden" Muslims from Africa and the Middle East to replace the native born.

With the socialist mainstream parties (including "conservatives") actively working to abort their own nations we are seeing frustrated voters turning to fringe parties willing to stand up against immigration.

Now the Socialists are striking back against the will of the people.  The Greek Elites have ordered the arrest of four Members of Parliament from the anti-immigration Golden Dawn Party and had them brought to court in Athens to face charges of criminal activity amid a clampdown on the party.

Golden Dawn - which won nearly 7% of the vote in 2012 elections - threatened to pull its 18 MPs out of the 300-strong parliament.

The soon to be new flag
of a Muslim Greece.

The governing coalition headed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, which has 155 seats, would then face by-elections.

The socialist Greek government is determined to purge its police force of any links with Golden Dawn, the minister for public order said Sunday, after the arrest of officers with ties to the neo-Nazi party.

Nikos Dendias said there should be "a total catharsis so that there is nothing suspicious that could cast a shadow on the majority of police officers, who are honest," in an interview with Greek daily Kathimerini.

Dendias admitted that there were "corrupt officers who had collaborated with Golden Dawn", which he labelled "a criminal organization" reports France 24 News.

Four police officers have been arrested over their links to the far-right party, whose leader was indicted this week along with five others for taking part in a criminal organisation following the murder of an anti-fascist musician last month.

Among the officers arrested are a former police chief of the Agios Panteleimon neighbourhood of central Athens -- the scene of multiple attacks by neo-Nazis on immigrants in recent years -- on charges of abuse of power and arms trafficking, and an officer at the Piraeus port near the capital charged with belonging to a criminal organization.

(BBC News)

"You are a racist" say Leftists.
Golden Dawn party senior lawmaker Christos Pappas is escorted by "anti-terrorism" police officers.  If you believe that your nation, religion and culture have the right to exist then you are a "racist". 
A world turned upside down.
Anti-immigrant politicians are arrested while the illegals flood in at will and
are protected by the leftist politicians in power.

Under Siege.  Spain Resists Islamic 'Invasion'
Some cities in Spain now look more like the Middle East.  Muslims already make up 40 percent of residents in the Spanish city of Salt and will soon be the majority.
"When the first Muslim political party presents itself, all the Muslims will vote for it, and we'll all end up wearing headscarves. We're in a really big problem," Salt city councilwoman Maria Osuna told CBN News.

Muslim invasion in Athens
You would think this was in Pakistan, but no it's in Greece.
Apparently Golden Dawn is the problem???
Greece's far-right Golden Dawn Party
Member reacts to arrest of party leader.  So-called "mainstream" political parties either eagerly work to import Muslims or turn a blind eye to illegal immigration.

Golden Dawn MPs in custody
Greek government crackdown on far-right party that wants to close the borders.

Illegal immigration to the European Union
Documentary by a leftist hand wringer, but it shows what is happening at the Greek border.

The Greek War of Independence from the Muslims.
This comes under the "How soon we forget" department.
After 400 plus years of slavery, the Greeks fought a bloody war of independence against tyrannical Muslim rule between 1821 and 1832.  The Greeks had assistance from Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and several other European powers against the Muslim Ottoman Empire, who were assisted by their vassals, the Eyalet of Egypt, and partly by the Beylik of Tunis.
The Muslim Turks took their revenge against the Greeks.  Most of the Greeks in the Greek quarter of Constantinople were massacred. On Easter Sunday, 9 April 1821, Gregory V was hanged in the central outside portal of the Ecumenical Patriarchate by the Ottomans. His body was mutilated and thrown into the sea, where it was rescued by Greek sailors.
One week later, the former Ecumenical Patriarch Cyril VI was hanged in the gate of the Adrianople's cathedral. This was followed by the execution of two Metropolitans and twelve Bishops by the Turkish authorities. By the end of April, a number of prominent Greeks had been decapitated by Turkish forces in Constantinople

Also see: The Greek War of Independence.
Also see: Massacres during the Greek Revolution.

Muslim Oppression in the Balkans
The Christians of Greece and the Balkans were conquered and ruled by a Muslim dictatorship out of Turkey.  Just after the American War for Independence the Christians of the Balkans began to fight back against Muslim oppression and to re-establish their independent nations.
Also see: Russo -Turkish War. 

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