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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Libertarian Banned from Virginia Governor's Debate - Free Elections do not Exist in America

Libertarian Robert Sarvis, center, Republican Ken Cuccinelli, left,
and Democrat Terry McAuliffe, right.

Freedom is Banned in America
The corrupt Elites decide that the voters are not allowed
to listen to the Libertarians or other parties.
  • New Virginia Poll - - - -
  • Democrat Terry McAuliffe 46%
  • Republican Ken Cuccinelli 39%
  • Libertarian Robert Sarvis 11%

More Freedom in Russia?  -  Something serious is wrong in America.  The Parliament in authoritarian Russia consists of four different political parties.  While back here in the good old USA the same two parties "magically" win 100% of all elections.

This has not always been the case.  The U.S. used to have free elections and was a multi-party Republic.  But no more.  Through corrupt fundraising and discriminatory election laws the major parties work overtime to prevent anything that might remotely look like a free election.

Libertarian Robert Sarvis has been banned from the final candidates’ debate in the Virginia governor’s race, one of the co-sponsors said.

With the voters angry at the GOP and the Democrats, the Libertarians have risen to 11% in the polls.  That is a threat to both entrench parties and their corrupt money backers.

Sarvis, who is running as a third-party candidate in the Nov. 5 election, has become a wild card in recent weeks as his rising numbers in public polls appeared to reflect a distaste among voters for either major-party candidate.

WDBJ (Channel 7) of Roanoke, which is co-hosting the Oct. 24 forum with Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, said on its Web site that Sarvis did not meet the required threshold of public support as reflected in recent polls before Thursday’s deadline reports the Washington Post.

"Corruptus in Extremis"
The two major parties and their lackeys ban smaller political parties from public debates.  But when the
smaller parties are doing well in the polls the big boys work extra hard to get them kicked off debates.

As a third-party candidate, Sarvis needed to draw support from at least 10 percent of those surveyed in major independent polls, as tracked by RealClearPolitics.com, over the past three weeks before the debate.  Naturally these are "required" percentages are totally made up numbers set by the entrenched major parties.

Sarvis issued a statement late Thursday criticizing a decision given a “patina of objectivity” but actually “designed to exclude.”

“A decision made two weeks in advance of the debate, an eternity this close to Election Day, based on an average of polls released over a three-week window effectively anchors us to the lower numbers of older polls, even though our numbers continue to rise in every poll,” Sarvis said in the statement. “I am disappointed, but not surprised.”

He added that his campaign, a “breath of fresh air” for Virginians, would carry on.

Also see Washington Examiner.

Banned from the 1996 Debates
In 1992 the voters were really pissed off.  Along comes independent Ross Perot who was allowed to participate in the Presidential debates and received nearly 20% of the nation's vote.  A 3rd party Perot received the highest percentage of the vote since Theodore Roosevelt's 27% in 1912.
Perot goes on to form the new Reform Party to compete against the corrupt and entrenched major parties.  Come the 1996 elections the Democrats and Republicans see a threat to their lock on power and banned the Reform Party from the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates.  Ban the candidate of a party that got nearly 20% of the vote!!!!
Behind closed doors the "major" parties (and their whore media allies) decide for you what political thought you are allowed to listen to.  After all, too much new information might make you think for yourself.
(Reform Party of the United States of America)

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