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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lollar emerges as top Republican and Tea Party choice for Maryland Governor

Republican Charles Lollar for Governor

Well, it appears Michael Steele won't be running for Maryland Governor after all. Instead it looks like Charles Lollar is the favorite for the GOP nomination. Though, he first has to overcome a couple other candidates for the nomination, including powerful Harford County Judge Daniel Craig.

LR readers may recall Lollar challenged Democrat Steny Hoyer for Congress in 2010. 

From Annapolitics blog, "In Republican race for governor, Lollar shows fire, and Craig needs some spark":

Lollar, a tall muscular Marine major with a command presence, taps into the Tea Party anti-tax fervor and anyone looking for an alternative to the current Democratic establishment or the Republican one, for that matter. Lollar’s slogan unabashedly evokes Martin Luther King Jr. 

“That dream has everything to do with prosperity, opportunity and social justice,” he said. “It is time to rekindle and achieve the dream,” so that “you can actually be judged by the content of your character and not a party affiliation.” 

In both Ellicott City and Annapolis on Friday, and one presumes elsewhere on the dozen stops of his tour, Lollar told a story about greeting a woman at a Labor Day parade. She dissed him when she found out he was a Republican. “I know Dr. King had a dream, but you’re not it,” Lollar said she told him. Wince. 

“We absolutely have to stop the partisan bickering,” said Lollar. “I’m really tired of partisan bickering keeping us from the truth.” Lollar comes down hard on the “regressive and obnoxious taxes”

Marylanders pay, and favors a Taxpayer Bill of Rights that would limit spending growth to the rate of income growth. He promises “tax refunds to every citizen."

He belongs to the American Legion in St Mary’s County, Maryland the Marine Corps League and the National Rifle Association.

Charles Lollar @ 2nd Amendment Rally, Maryland
Lollar kicks in at about 1:40

Announces for Governor

From his bio:

Charles Lollar is a concerned citizen, hardworking taxpayer, business executive, Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and, most importantly, devoted husband and father of 4 daughters. Charles was born in Toppenish, Washington.  
His father, a tax consultant, instilled in him an old fashion work ethic while his mother, [was] a librarian. At the age of 13, Charles delivered newspapers before going to school every morning. He worked his way through both high school and college by bagging groceries, stocking shelves... Charles earned an AA degree from Emory University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Kennesaw University, and an MBA from Regent University.  
Charles proudly served his country as a major in the United States Marine Corps and was on active duty in Kosovo. During his time in the Marines, he attended Officer Candidate School and earned several medals and decorations, including Kosovo Campaign Medica, Navy Unit Commendation, Combat Action Ribbon, and Joint Meritorious Unit Award.

Also see Lollar 4 Governor.com/

Thanks to the Libertarian Republican for a heads up on this story.

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