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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NSA stops journalists from shooting video

The NSA Utah Data Center is unconstitutionally recording you without a warrant.

NSA Data Center Goons Detain 
Journalists Confiscate Cameras
NSA data center police confiscated cameras and detained reporters for 'photography' on the outskirts of the massive NSA data center in Salt Late City Utah.  They were told that a posted sign now overrides the First Amendment when it comes to our rights.
The NSA records us, but we are not allowed to record them.

(The Salt Lake Tribune)  -  The National Security Agency does not want you at the Utah Data Center.

And the NSA especially does not want you filming there.

Three journalists learned as much Thursday when they entered the Utah Data Center parking lot and security officers confiscated their cameras.

Infowars.com posted video of the confrontation Thursday. The website said it livestreamed the confrontation.

Anthony Gucciardi, a journalist for the website Storyleak.com who is a frequent contributor to Infowars.com, is seen on the video telling security he wants to speak to NSA public affairs. A security agent repeatedly tells Gucciardi and his two camera operators they need to stop filming.

"I wasn’t expecting a confrontation in the parking lot," Gucciardi said Friday in an interview with The Tribune. "I thought maybe they would get mad when I asked for a tour and tell me no."

Instead, security personnel took an iPhone that was filming and a larger handheld video camera. That’s where the video posted online stops.

Off camera, Gucciardi said, the security agents told the threesome they could not leave until they deleted the footage. At one point, Gucciardi said, an agent was holding one of the cameramen by the arm preventing him from getting into his car.

"After I kept saying, ‘We’re not deleting the footage,’ he ripped the cameras from the camera guy’s hands and deleted all of the footage except for that one video," Gucciardi said.

The missed video is the one posted online.

Then an agent wrote Gucciardi a warning on a standardized form. In the space for listing the violation, the agent handwrote "PHOTOGRAPHY."

Gucciardi said he wasn’t seeking a confrontation; his goal was to demonstrate U.S. surveillance is a one-way relationship.

"While the NSA spies on everything we do, we can’t even film them and have any kind of check on what they’re doing," Gucciardi said. 

"I'm shocked, shocked to find that data-mining is going on in here."

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