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Monday, February 6, 2012

Republican Party "Green" Socialism

A Green Republican Party Electric Car.
The Indiana GOP fears a free market.  They subsidized the Think City electric car that was built
in Indiana.

Green Republican Electric Cars 
The "small government" Indiana GOP subsidized a tiny electric wind-up car that no one wanted to buy at a cost of $42,000 each.
  • With countless millions is subsidies, at the peak only 25 people were employed making electric cars no one wanted.
  • Only 200 cars were sold and most of those were sold to the government agencies.
  • Government:  'We want you to buy an electric car even though we know you don't want it.'
  • Republican Party has no clue what a free market is.

By Gary;

The GOP media and political Elites have tried for years to push Indiana's Mitch Daniels on the party.  But when you look closer, a Big Government Daniels is not all that different from a standard Big Government Democrat.

"We've said we're out to make Indiana the electric vehicle state. It's beginning to look like the state capital will be Elkhart County," said Big Government Republican Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels in January 2010 in announcing government subsidies.

This Republican Party Green Socialist big bet on electric cars has been a big bust.

The Think City car plant in Elkhart, Indiana is devoid of activity; there are just two employees. A Russian investor who recently purchased Think's bankrupt parent in Norway has been silent about its future. A government-backed Indianapolis battery maker that was to supply Think wrote off a $73-million investment in the car company declared bankruptcy. Two unrelated electric truck makers Indiana planned to nurture have yet to get off the ground reports the Los Angeles Times.

Indiana's "small government" Republican Governor could not wait to get into the car business with taxpayer's money.  The left-wing GOP wanted to stimulate job growth so badly that they showered the automaker and the battery supplier with tax benefits and incentives while at the same time failing to determine whether there was a market for the car: a plastic two-seater with a top speed of about 65 mph and a price tag approaching $42,000.

Where's the value?" Gregg Fore, an Elkhart recreational vehicle industry executive, said of Think. "I could buy a golf cart for five grand if that's what I wanted to drive."
Fore says, "By giving money to the battery company and electric car company, they are saying, 'We want you to buy their products even though we know you don't want them.'"

Green Republican Marxism.
If you belong to a "politically correct" industry
then you get government help . . . if not
then the GOP says "tough shit."

Indiana Republican Cover-Up.

"Small Government" Republican Gov. Daniels created the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to subsidize politically favored, hand picked industries to grow in Indiana. 

If you were not an industry "favored" by politicians then tough shit.  If you are an existing business then you have Big Government giving a huge tax advantage to your competitors while you have to pick up the full tax bill to run the state.

Countless millions have been flushed down a Socialist command and control style crap-hole.

Katelyn Hancock, a spokeswoman for the GOP created Indiana Economic Development Corp. refused to disclose how much Think and battery-maker Ener1 had received in taxpayer-funded credits and incentives, saying such information is confidential.  Ener1 also refused to provide the information.

First the Republican Bush administration and then the Obama administration poured millions of dollars into battery production in a quest to power thousands of Think City vehicles with lithium-ion batteries. To date some has spent $55 million in federal funding, according to the U.S. Energy Department.

Only 200 cars were even build, but even those were not build properly.  January 2011, was related to improperly installed seat belts. A month later, a recall involved defective defroster systems. And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that the car had a tendency to slip out of the park position.

Last May, Ener1 wrote off its $73-million stake in Think. The following month, Think Global filed for bankruptcy in Norway listing $32 million it owed Ener1.

That marked Think's fourth trip through bankruptcy court, and the ramifications for Ener1 were profound. The recipient of a $118.5-million Energy Department grant saw its shares tumble to pennies and its stock delisted from Nasdaq.

(Los Angeles Times)

The Republican Media and Beltway Elites Drool over Mitch Daniels.
The Elites of the GOP keep telling us how wonderful Mitch Daniels is and what a great President he would be.  But Daniels and the Indiana GOP (just like any Democrat) eagerly subsidize politically correct Green Energy projects. 

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