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Monday, February 13, 2012

Riots in Athens - Socialism for Everyone

Athens, Greece  -  Ground Zero for Socialism.
Socialists fail when they run out of other people's money to spend.

Socialism for Everyone . . . . Let's Party!
  • Only idiots live within their means.  Keep spending.
  • Socialism for the rich.  Everyone is too big to fail.

By Gary;

The point of capitalism was the intelligent and hard working get to build their businesses, create jobs and wealth that gives everyone a better life . . . . the flip side is, if you are a fucking screw-up they you get to fail and wallow in your misery.

That brings us to the Socialist Republic of Greece.  The hack liar Socialist politicians promised "free" goodies to everyone in return for their votes.  The problem with that is there never was any money in the account to pay for the party.  But what the Hell! 

Next we come to someone even more stupid than a Socialist (hard to believe as that might be).  That person is the banker.

Greece is a fairly poor nation.  They cannot even pay their bills.  They are bankrupt.  So what do the bankers do?  They keep getting Greece deeper and deeper in debt.

Now the European Union and the International Monetary Fund want to bailout Greece with another 130-billion-euro ($160.76 billion) package.  The bailout really has little to do with Greece and a lot to do with bailing out politically connected bankers who would not recognize a good loan if it bit them on the ass.

Let the Banks Fail  -  Instead of using government power to grind the Greeks into ultra-poverty, let them go bankrupt.  There is not enough money in the world to keep bailing out the Socialists of the world.  If bankers do not know how to make good loans then how about following capitalism and let badly run banks fail.  Use the banking laws to legally sieze the assets of bankrupt banks, sell off the good parts to the well run banks and then fire the asses of the fools making these endless bad loans.  No more bailouts.

Capitalism punishes bad decisions.  Let capitalism work.

INSANE Riots on the Streets of Athens, Greece as protesters clash outside Parliament

Anarchy:  Firebombs in Athens

(UK Daily Mail)

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