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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GOP Primaries - The crushing of Super Newt

Super Newt was crushed.
Super Newt's one superpower of the Mega-Ego was of no help in the primaries held yesterday.

A double kick in the balls to both Super Newt and Romney
  • Super Newt comes in a distant 4th place in Minnesota and a distant 3rd in Colorado.  Super Newt was not even able to get on the ballot in Missouri.
  • Romney was totally weak and beaten badly by Ron Paul in Minnesota. 

By Gary;

The GOP race took a turn for the good Tuesday . . . Super Newt, the ego driven and corrupt moron, was crushed in all three contests.  The "great" Super Newt could not even manage to get on the ballot in Missouri where Rick Santorum crushed Mitt Romney with 55% of the vote.

Newt needs to slither right off the campaign field and go back down that influence peddling hole he crawled out of.

On the other hand, the crowning of Mitt Romney by the Media and Beltway Elites may have been put on a permanent hold.  Santorum with little money just Bitch-Slapped Romney in three states.  It is obvious that GOP voters are not very interested in the package Romney has to offer.

The race is wide open in a way I never would have suspected could happen.

Colorado Caucus Results »
Santorum 40.2%
Romney 34.9   
Gingrich 12.8   
Paul 11.8   
Others 0.3   
9:17 AM 100% reporting

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