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Monday, February 13, 2012

Liberals kill their own green solar project

Hand-wringing Liberals claim the Desert Kit Fox is under stress.
Insane Luddite Environmentalists are using the kit fox as an excuse to shut down construction of a government subsidized billion dollar solar energy plant. 

The Luddite Socialist Environmentalists have shut down a huge solar energy project
  • Socialists use Federal laws to shut down or delay for years every possible construction project in America.
  • The Nature-Nazis want us all to go back to mother earth and frolic naked in flower covered fields.
  • As usual, the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill.

By Gary;

The $1-billion Genesis Solar Energy Project being built in near Bylthe in California's Mojave Desert is in danger of cancellation by hand-wringing by liberal weenies.

The building of the project has been expedited by Democrats in the state and federal regulatory agencies because it is a government subsidized "politically correct" business.  Meanwhile non-politically correct businesses face endless red tape, government regulations and high taxes for daring to try and create jobs and wealth.

Green Environmental Politics.
Green on the outside, but red on the inside.

Genesis had hoped to be among the first of 12 approved solar farms to start operating in Southern California deserts.  The 250-megwatt plant, being built on federal Bureau of Land Management land 25 miles west of Blythe, is backed by an $825-million Department of Energy loan guarantee reports the Los Angeles Times.

But Liberals and Socialist (is there really any difference?) are out to delay or destroy the green solar project any way they can.  They are using every trick in the book to prevent progress.

  • As if by "magic", and right on cue, a few desert kit foxes died of the first ever recorded cases in history of distemper among the animals.
  • Weenie "environmentalists" claim the poor foxes might be under stress.
  • And local Native Americans now claim a discovered bed of desert charcoal is possible evidence of an ancient Indian cremation site.

The bed of charcoal magically appeared at just the right moment.  Remains are protected by the Federal Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.  Eldred Enas, chairman of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, said in a letter to the federal government last month that the burned charcoal site is "too sacred to disturb."

Deana Clifford, state wildlife veterinarian for the California Department of Fish and Game, said she isn't certain the outbreak of distemper among the foxes is connected to Genesis, "but we know that habitat disturbance causes stress, and when animals succumb to stress they become more susceptible to disease."

Double Bullshit.

In the meantime, work has been halted on 400 acres while state and federal archaeologists conduct a detailed assessment. . . . and we all know how fast government worker drones will conduct detailed assessment reports.  Watching a glacier move is faster.

NextEra officials acknowledged that if they cannot meet time line power purchase agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric Co. the solar project will close down costing 800 construction jobs.  If that were to happen, 80% of the project's outstanding loans would be covered by the federal government, and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. . . . translation  -  the taxpayers will be stuck with the fucking bill and there will still be no electric power.

BOTTOM LINE  -  Nothing gets done in America, and that is not an accident.  The environmental movement has been captured by anti-progress Luddite Socialists who hate capitalism, progress and the comforts provided to people by modern technology.

In their hatred of progress and capitalist inequality they have set up endless barriers of government red tape.  Building projects that could create jobs and wealth are delayed for years, even decades.  The Nature-Nazis use every insane Liberal law on the books to prevent progress on any front.

Their goal is the destruction of the modern way of life and capitalism itself.
(Los Angeles Times)

The Golden Gate Bridge   -   One of the wonders of the world
Built in only four years in the 1930s when people had brains and the work ethic.  Today it could never be built.  The Nature-Nazis would fight it in every possible way. 

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