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Friday, February 24, 2012

BIG BROTHER - Minority Report in London

1984 Corporatism at a public bus stop in London.
The British Government and private corporations are working together to scan pedestrians and beam advertising directly to them . . . . . at what point will they start to beam political messages demanding that the Sheeple public obey their Masters?  

Big Brother Scans  -  A scanner will determine the sex of the reader and send different messages to men and women

  • A high-definition camera will scan the eyes of hundreds of thousands of passers-by.
  • "We're not giving men and boys the choice to see the full ad on this occasion – so they get a glimpse of what it's like to have basic choices taken away,"
  • Big Brother keeps pulling the hangman's noose tighter and tighter.

Benito Mussolini said that Fascism should really be called Corporatism  -  a merger of the power of the all-powerful State and Corporations.

Mussolini's Fascist wet-dream is coming true.  Today we have the British Government in bed with Big  Corporations to use public bus stops to effectively spy on the people.  But this is but the first step.  Soon there will be messages to report to Party Faithful Government lackeys those who might be potential law breakers or free thinkers or, far worse, those who dare to oppose the Government.

It is all for your own good you know. . . . and the Sheeple keep voting in these Bastards.

In the movie Minority Report, when Tom Cruise walks into a shopping center, an advertising board scans his retina and a video advert greets him by name and suggests he knock back a Guinness. In Britain this week, sci-fi is about to become sci-fact. And the target audience is women only.

A 40-second interactive advert is about to be launched that uses facial-recognition technology to decide the gender of the person looking at it and then vary its content. It was installed on a bus stop on Oxford Street in London's West End reports the UK Independent.

Only women will be able to view the full £30,000 advert commissioned by the children's charity Plan UK as part of its "Because I Am a Girl" campaign, which aims to ensure girls in the world's poorest countries are able to receive a good education.
“With a 90 percent accuracy rating, the computer built into the placement analyzes and guesses gender based on specific facial attributes of the jawline, cheekbones, nose and eyes. Based on the current guess of a pedestrian’s gender, the digital placement shows an advertisement targeted at a man or a woman. As this technology continues to be applied to the field of advertising, the computer could also make a judgement about a person’s age, race or body type,” reports Digital Trends.
No matter how many times you warn the Sheeple
they keep allowing the government to build the
Big Brother State.

If the device recognizes a man it will display a message directing him to the charity's website.  The technology itself was developed by Clear Channel UK and 3D Exposure, who assert that while concerns about people being subjected to Minority Report-style invasive advertising have been voiced, what they are working on for future projects “may soon surpass what we’ve seen at the cinema.”

The advert, which will have a two-week trial, will use a high-definition camera to scan hundreds of thousands of passers-by. 

"We're not giving men and boys the choice to see the full ad on this occasion – so they get a glimpse of what it's like to have basic choices taken away," said Marie Staunton, Plan UK's chief executive.

The Open Rights Group called it "creepy". Neil Chapman, the head of the creative team at Clear Channel UK, the company who designed the ad, said full-blown Minority Report advertising would be his "idea of hell". He claimed his advert would not record or save any of the data it detects. His company is already in talks with many other clients to get more targeted advertising campaigns launched this year.

Minority Report Mall Scene

This is a scene from the movie Minority Report. Tom Cruise walks in the mall while his eyes are getting scanned by 3D screens. The screens call him directly by his name to get his attention.

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