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Friday, December 16, 2011

Newt Gingrich attacks the Constitution

Just say no to Newt

A Big Government Gingrich launched a vicious attack on the Constitution at the Iowa debate.

By Gary;

If there was any doubt at all, at the Iowa debate Newt Gingrich fully established himself as an anti-Constitution FDR court packing Left-Winger.

That insanity combined with the $1,600,000 in retroactive BRIBE MONEY he took from Fannie Mae makes me take back my recent endorsement.  Fuck 'em.  This man should crawl back into his retirement hole.

I felt Newt's knowledge would help drag America out of a nightmare hole.  Now I find out the man is delusional . . . borderline insane . . . a danger to the Republic.

Gingrich argued that when the Supreme Court gets it wrong constitutionally, the president and Congress have the power to check the court, including, in some cases, the power to simply ignore a Supreme Court decision.

Comrade Newt also wants Congress to subpoena the independent judges of the third branch of government after rulings to "explain their constitutional reasoning" to the politicians who passed the laws.
Newt viciously attacked the work of the
Federalist Founding Father Chief Justice
John Marshall who established the power
of the judiciary.

Gingrich called for the power to impeach judges or abolish judgeships following any ruling considered particularly "outrageous" (whatever that might mean).

Simply, Newt wants to abolish the Constitution of the United States and establish a government with only two branches and a subservient, slave-like judiciary.

See our article THE FEDERALIST "Republican attacks the Supreme Court."

Of even greater concern to me were the totally stupid Sheeple Republicans in the audience.

While the GOP "Dear Leader" on the stage was ripping into the Constitution, the separation of powers and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, the idiots in the audience cheered.

Could any of these cheering Sheeple even spell Constitution?  Let alone understand the Republic given to us by Washington, Franklin, Morris and Madison?

Two Attorneys General attack Gingrich

Two non-Sheeple Republicans have attacked Newt's insane plan to undermine the Constitution.

Attorneys General Michael Mukasey and Alberto Gonzales, in exclusive interviews with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, said they are particularly alarmed by provisions such as allowing Congress to subpoena judges after controversial rulings to "explain their constitutional reasoning" to the politicians who passed the laws.

"The only basis by which Congress can subpoena people is to consider legislation. To subpoena judges to beat them up about their decisions has only -- if they are going to say that has to do with legislation they might propose, that's completely dishonest," Mukasey said.

"I think we have a great government, a great country because it's built upon the foundation of the rule of law. And one of the things that makes it great and the rule of law is protected by having a strong independent judiciary," Gonzales said. 

"And the notion of bringing judges before Congress like a schoolchild being brought before the principal to me is a little bit troubling. I believe that a strong and independent judiciary doesn't mean that the judiciary is above scrutiny, that it is above criticism for the work that it does, but I cannot support and would not support efforts that would appear to be intimidation or retaliation against judges."

"The fact is the Constitution empowers the Supreme Court to establish lower federal courts. Presumably it can undo lower federal courts. But to say that you are going to undo an entire court -- simply because you don't like some of their decisions -- when there are thousands of cases before that court is totally irresponsible," Mukasey said.

Smart-ass Gingrich thinks he knows more than the Founding Fathers.  He wants to effectively
abolish the power of the courts to protect the rights of the people from the acts of
Congress and the President.

Most bothersome were the Republican Sheeple in the audience cheering on Gingrich's attack on the Founding Fathers and the Constitution they created.  The Republicans cheering did not have a clue what the Constitution means. 

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