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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beaten to death by the Communists

Family members burn funeral offerings for Xue Jinbo.  Xue was beaten to death by Communists when he protested the theft of his land in the southern Chinese village of Wukan.

Communism in action . . .
"His whole body was covered with injuries. His hands were swollen, and his head. . . His feet and his knees were purple. His back was also bruised."

Residents of the Chinese village of Wukan have demanded that village Communist Party officials open their books to reveal what happened to the proceeds from millions of dollars in land sales. Thwarted in their efforts, villagers in late September destroyed a restaurant and pig farm that belonged to a Hong Kong developer and vandalized local government offices.

Communist authorities agreed to an audit of all land transactions. But the deal fell apart and protests began again a week ago.

Xue Jinbo, who was one of three villagers who had been designated to negotiate with the local government, was arrested last Friday. Two days later he died in a nearby hospital. His daughter, Xue Jianwan, told a Hong Kong news agency she believed her father had been beaten to death.

"There were injuries to his chest and bruises all over his body," she said, according to iSun Affairs. "He seemed to have been kicked and stepped on."

“We were very scared a day or two ago, but now, with the whole world watching, we don’t think they will dare do anything to us,” said one young villager was is half-jokingly referred by others to as Wukan’s “foreign minister”.

That was the last time the villagers saw Xue Jinbo alive. His family was summoned two days later. They were told he had died of a heart attack.

But that's not what it looked like to Xue Ruiqiang, who saw his uncle's body in the morgue.

"I opened my uncle's clothes to see if there were injuries, and his whole body was covered with injuries," he said. "His hands were swollen and his head. There was blood around his nostrils. His feet and his knees were purple. His back was also bruised. We relatives who saw this, we absolutely believe the local police beat him."

Land confiscations have been the leading trigger for protest in recent years as local governments try to fill their coffers with real estate deals. Local governments last year took in $470 billion from land deals, up from $70 million in 1989, according to the Ministry of Land and Resources. Under the communist system, villagers don't own land and have no say in negotiations over what happens to it.

Beaten to death by the Communists.
An altar in honor of Xue. Residents in his home village of Wukan believe he was detained and beaten by police for the role he played as a negotiator in a land dispute with the local government.
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