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Friday, December 2, 2011

The betrayal of Afghanistan begins

America has said it will not meet the costs necessary to keep the Afghan forces at full strength beyond 2014   (Photo: AP)

The U.S. and NATO are getting ready to undercut the Afghan army

The betrayal begins.  The US and NATO are going public about cutting the money going to support the army of Afghanistan.  I have been there are seen that with South Vietnam having their money cut off.

Nato has concluded the present strategy of creating a 352,000-strong force of soldiers and police to take over security from international forces is unsustainably expensive in the long run.

The Afghan forces are totally reliant on foreign aid and commanders are now discussing funding a dramatically smaller force which under extreme options would be less than 250,000-strong.

The betrayal of Afghanistan is nothing new to readers of this site.  See our article  THE FEDERALIST - "Betrayal: It's American as Apple Pie."

Donor countries facing deep financial woes of their own have said they will not pay the projected $8bn (£5 billion)-a-year for the full-strength army reports the UK Telegraph.

Sir William Patey, British ambassador to Kabul, said: "The reality is the figures are moving around. Nobody is quite sure exactly what would be the right size for the Afghan security forces beyond 2015.

"Nobody thinks that [352,000] is a sustainable figure or that's what's necessary. That figure is changing." The Afghan security forces currently stand at 308,000-strong. They are still expected to reach their full strength by the end of next year in an "Afghan surge", but will then drop off soon afterward.   (UK Telegraph)

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