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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Freak Show that is American Elections

The Great American Freak Show that is a Presidential Election.
American "elections" have devolved into nothing more than a carnival freak show with dancing monkeys,  two-headed cows, tattooed ladies and whores to entertain a near brain dead public. 

The Idiot-ization of America  -  The Corporate Media Complex will not allow you to vote for candidates that might challenge the corrupt system . . . . and the Sheeple voters go along.

By Gary;

Without wanting to look too old fashioned, is there anyone left in America who is not disgusted with our so-called Presidential elections?

Whatever happened to something called dignity?  These are "elections" in name only.  They have become nothing more than Freak Shows to build ratings for TV and radio talk shows.  What the people want has little meaning. 

Selecting a President  -  Our Federalist Founding Fathers created a system where a President was chosen by the state legislatures.  True, it was an imperfect and un-democratic system.  But a President was chosen by the elected representatives of the people who knew the candidates personally.  Consider the stature of men like George Washington, John Adams or James Monroe who won the elections.

Today the people anointed from on high to "select" our President for us are the unelected Nielsen rating system and anonymous corporations that employ companies called Rasmussen and Gallup

Polling companies are asking people who would have trouble finding Colorado on a blank map of the world who they like for President.  Then we are told to respect the poll results.

The slack-jawed Sheeple glued to their TVs are bombarded with Corporate manufactured and directed info-tainment on a 24 hour basis. 

The Sheeple are being told who they are allowed to vote for based on the broadcasts of a small band of Elite Media based in New York and Washington D.C.   An even smaller band of pollsters are employed by that very Corporate Media to tell you who is worthy of support. 

Candidates are overexposed by a corporate Media Complex hungry to sell advertising.  Yes.  It is all about selling advertising.  Period.

The Media Complex promotes and covers elections like a carnival freak show in order to make money.  Every possible pimple on a candidate's face is given a massive close-up on live TV.   Candidates who are not approved of by the Media Complex come in for an extra deep prostate type exam on live TV.

Candidates are forced to answer the same questions over and over and over, again and again and again.  If a candidate fails to answer the question the exact same way 200 times in a row then the Media Complex whips up the people into a frenzy about the evil flip-flopping politician . . . . film at 11. . . . don't forget to watch . . . . the Nielsen company is counting our viewers. 

Before a single vote is cast, the Media Complex forces candidates out of the race or voters are told they would be fools to support candidate "A" who has no chance to win. 

To get top Nielsen ratings the Media / Talk Heads on TV and radio display for the voters an endless stream of "crazy" statements by total political nobodies, insane preachers, fringe protest groups or whores the candidate may or may not have screwed.

Democracy is Dead  -  What little democracy existed in America is dead.  But we are still goig through the motions.  Pretending that freedom exists.

First, you have a tiny band of Corporate Media on both the Left and the Right telling the people who they are allowed to vote for.  The field of choices are reduced before a single voter has a chance to cast a ballot.

Orange County, a single county
in California, has more than
twice the population of New
Hampshire but no voice in the
2012 primary.

Second, what passes for "elections" are the retarded dreams of some mentally ill person in a straight jacket.  It is a fucking joke that little crap-hole states like Iowa and New Hampshire decide for the entire nation who will be allowed to compete in the later primaries. 

As a resident of the Golden State of California I look down on Iowa and New Hampshire does not even exist in our world (except every four years).

The process of selection a President leaves out most of the nation.

Without being asked, the Media Complex has already narrowed the field of candidates for us.  Now depending on events it is very, very possible that the entire primary may be over in February.

The GOP primary over in February!  Yes there is a very good chance of that.

Romney is a weak candidate among Republican voters.  The first six contests are Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Nevada and Maine.  If Newt Gingrich were to sweep all six or take five out of six then the process is over before anyone else in America has a chance to vote.

To add insult to injury, four of those six states are really small.  Why should Nevada and Maine be front loaded in the primaries?  What would the GOP contest be like if the first three states to vote were Texas, Florida and California?

BOTTOM LINE   -   The Republican field has already been narrowed.  GOP supporters will never cast a meaningful ballot in 2012.  They will get the candidate the Corporate Media Elite wants them to get. 

Shades of George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole and John McCain.  I guess history does repeat itself.

A Corporate Media Directed Prostate Exam.
A candidate that is not pre-approved of the by the Elite Corporate Media Complex will get an extra deep political prostate exam on live TV.  The Media (including Fox) will endlessly repeat news clips where the non-approved candidate momentarily has "crazy eyes", stumbles in a speech, looks too happy etc. etc.  The Corporate-Beltway Elite will only allow you to vote for approved and safe candidates.

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