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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Iowa GOP frightened of Ron Paul

“Everybody has the perception that there’s absolutely no way Ron Paul can win the nomination, whereas a Mike Huckabee coming out of nowhere at the end to pull out a victory here – he was a serious contender.  That’s the distinction that has the potential to do real damage to Iowa.”
Jeff Lamberti
Former Republican Iowa Senate President

“I think a Paul win would be devastating for the state of Iowa and the caucus process.”
Sam Clovis
Iowa Radio Talk Show Host

A Paul win “It would make the caucuses mostly irrelevant if not entirely irrelevant.  It would have a very damaging effect."
Becky Beach
Longtime Iowa Republican who helped Presidents Bush 41 and Bush 43


The Iowa GOP is scared shit-less of a Ron Paul victory

By Gary;

I am just laughing my ass off at the hair pulling and fits Ron Paul is causing Iowa Republicans.  It is not just the GOP leadership class but many of the rank and file are worried.

That is the joke.  The punch line.  Republicans are frightened to death that a candidate might win who really wants to cut the centralize Marxist re-distributive Big Brother government.  A win by Paul exposes "The Great Lie" that the GOP believes in small government.

With Paul you have a candidate who believes in much of what the Founding Fathers believed in:
  • A limited Constitutional Republic
  • A balanced budget
  • No Marxist re-distribution of income with the income tax
  • Slashing government spending
  • Respect for private property
  • Respect for the Bill of Rights
  • Mostly minding our own business around the world
Yes, Republicans are frightened that a candidate who believes in Freedom might win.  Amazing!

Small Government  -  The GOP lies to the voters about wanting small government.  With a small government there is no way to extort countless millions in campaign money from special interest groups who want to feed at the public trough.  From 1995 to 2007 when the GOP controlled Congress not one meaningful government spending program was ever abolished nor was a flat income tax ever passed.  Small government is just a line in  a throw away stump speech. 

The Left-Wing GOP made sure that New
Mexico Governor Gary Johnson would not
even be allowed in the debates to share his
small government libertarianism with voters.

Foreign Policy  -  I am not an isolationist, but I feel we need to mind our own affairs much more than we do now.  But let's face it.  Imperialism is fun and profitable.  A Ron Paul win puts thousands of jobs and billions in military spending into jeopardy.

Entire industries have been created to first build the military establishment, then blow up the cities of any given enemy and finally at American taxpayer's expense re-build the cites of the enemy that we just blew up.

Follow the money trail.


A small government Republican Party has not existed for about 120 years.  It is dead and long buried.

Socialism won the war in America.  What are called "Conservatives" today would be called Radical Left-Wing New Dealers in the 1930s.  Conservative Republicans talk about small government but defend and fund every Big Brother spending program ever created.

The resurgence of the limited small government ideas of the Founding Fathers mixed with what is called Ayn Rand modern Libertarianism is a direct threat to the power of the Socialist Elite and the masses of people feeding at the taxpayer trough. 

Libertarian Governor Gary Johnson was not even allowed to speak to the GOP voters at the debates, and Ron Paul will not be allowed to win the nomination.  The so-called "Conservative" media from National Review to Fox to Hannity etc are beating down any real small government candidate at every opportunity.

Imperialism for fun and profit
The GOP changed in the 1890s with the overthrow of the legal government of Hawaii, the annexation of the islands, the Spanish-American War and empire building.  The U.S. never looked back.  Killing foreigners not only kept the folks back home entertained but it created jobs and profits for American businesses.

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