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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

GOP & Dems act to protect corrupt MSM

The Republicrats Are Fucking Us Again
Newspaper-Internet Monopoly Created

  • GOP gets on their knees to suck off the corrupt Leftist Media Machine. 
  • Meanwhile the free internet media is being deplatformed, censored, shadow banned and demonetized. 

(Wall Street Journal)  -  Legislation that would allow news publishers to team up on negotiations with tech giants such as Alphabet Inc.’s, Google and Facebook Inc. didn’t advance very far in the last Congress.
Now, its backers are hoping the latest version, which is expected to be introduced Wednesday, will gain momentum in a Democratic-controlled House and draw bipartisan support.
The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act is sponsored by Rep. David Cicilline (D., R.I.), chairman of the House antitrust subcommittee, and Rep. Doug Collins (R., Ga.).

News publishers have struggled to make money on digital ads, partly because of the dominance of Facebook and Google. Antitrust law bars the news companies from working together in negotiations with the tech platforms.
The bill would give publishers a 48-month safe harbor from those rules, during which they would be free to work together to push their case on issues from revenue splits to data-sharing to content-licensing.
Mr. Cicilline said the urgency for such a measure was increasing.
“Local media and local publishers are really on life support,” he said, pointing to news-industry data showing that publishers have lost more than $30 billion in ad revenue since 2006 while Facebook and Google made more than $60 billion in ad revenue just last year alone.
“You can see that because of their dominance in the marketplace, they are generating most of the revenue.”
People familiar with Facebook’s thinking say that an antitrust exemption for publishers would likely harm consumers and fail to help the solve the business model problems that it is intending to help fix. A spokesman from Google declined to comment.
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