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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

CNN Ratings Fall to All-Year Low – Overtaken by Hallmark Channel!

(Newswars)  -  CNN has hit an all-year ratings low, according to Nielsen Media Research, and the network is especially hurting during prime time hours when it seems more Americans would rather watch Hallmark movies.

The network, which experienced a ratings boost thanks to Russiagate, is now shedding viewers after the Mueller probe fizzled away without the bombshell revelations the network’s viewers likely anticipated.

CNN had its lowest-rated week of the year in prime time, while MSNBC had its second lowest-rated week of the year in the 25-54 demo and its third lowest among total viewers in prime time,” reported TVNewser. 

“Yes, Fox News and MSNBC are consistently the two-most-watched basic cable networks, but they, along with CNN, are losing viewers relative to 2018.”

“In prime time, Fox News was -8% in total viewers, MSNBC was -28% in total viewers, while CNN was -47% vs. the comparable week in 2018.

Like CNN, the Rachel Maddow Show, hosted by MSNBC, also suffered a massive ratings drop after the wind-down of Mueller probe.

CNN is currently ranked #15 among cable channels during prime time, according to data released by Nielsen, which shows that the network, interestingly enough, got beat out by the Hallmark Channel.

Some of the Hallmark Channel’s nightly programming includes original movies such as Bottled With LoveA Ring by Spring, and Campfire Kiss, but it’s actually not surprising that more Americans are switching over to the non-political flair of the Hallmark Channel after getting burnt out by the constant negativity of cable news.

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