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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Gays Beheaded by Muslims - Democrats Silent

Insane Leftists say you are a bigot to oppose Islam

FIVE of the men brutally beheaded in Saudi Arabia were secret gay lovers tortured into terror confessions, it’s been claimed.
One of the 37 “militants” ruthlessly executed during a single bloody day last week is said to have admitted to having sex with four of the others.
However, many believe the admissions – along with others released during their one-sided court trials –  may have been obtained under torture.
The Shia man’s “homosexual relationships” appeared in paperwork alleging he also confessed to hating the Saudi state, documents obtained by CNN show.
Homosexuality is punishable by death in the Gulf state which strictly adheres to Sharia law.
The man reportedly denied all the charges against him and his lawyer claimed the confession was totally fabricated.
The backward country executes men and women for engaging in homosexual activity although it does release any official figures about how many gay people it beheads every year.
In 2009, a man named Ahmed bin ‘Adhaib bin ‘Askar al-Shamlani al-‘Anzi was executed for a number of charges including “homosexual intercourse” and possession of pornography.
He had his head removed in front of a baying crowd in Riyadh before his body was crucified and put on display.

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