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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dem Sen. Kerrey: Democrats Are ‘Delusional’ Over Russia Investigation

Former senator Bob Kerrey (Democrat, Neb.) said that Democrats are suffering from a "delusion" and that President Donald Trump would be right to pardon anyone indicted in the two-year-long investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
"If there is a man or woman who was convicted and sentenced for not telling the truth about a collusion that never happened, I'd like them to be pardoned," Kerrey told The Washington Times in an interview.
Kerrey called out in particular Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Mass.), a frequent and vocal supporter of continuing and expanding the investigation into the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
"Personally, I would love to hear Schiff say, ‘Enough. There are other committees that can look at this, and we need to get back to the committee's mission of making sure the Department of Defense is spending its money correctly,'" Kerry said. "He could gain a lot of credibility with the American people if we go back to the time when that committee was nonpartisan."
Kerrey added that Democrats alleging there is clear evidence that Trump obstructed justice because of the number of indicted people who lied to the prosecution is unfair to the nature of high profile cases.
"I know what kind of power a prosecutor has," he told the Times. "They have a gun to your head, and they know most of these cases never go to trial. So you have a choice of spending the rest of your life in prison or pleading guilty and maybe doing a year."

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