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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday Sultress - Red Sonja

I Love a Woman in Breastplates
Red Sonja is now 85 years old

Red Sonja was the creation of the very late but still very great Robert E. Howard (1906 – 1936).

Sonja only appeared once in Howard's 1934 excellent historical tale The Shadow of the Vulture.

The story line involved the Muslim siege of Vienna in 1529. Sonja stood side-by-side with male knights on the walls of Vienna fighting against the Turks and for Western Civilization.

Red Sonja was later re-created by Marvel Comics and debuted in the 1973 issueConan the Barbarian #23. Roy Thomas created a new origin story and transposed the timeline from the 16th century of Howard's original Red Sonya, to the Hyborian Age, another Howard creation, in order to have the comic-book Red Sonja interact with Conan the Barbarian.

Sonja has caught the imagination of multiple generations of fans. Unfortunately Sonja and other Howard characters have often been screwed over by Hollywood hacks who think they are better writers than Howard.

Fans have waited for 85 years for a good Red Sonja movie. Now the Bryan Singer version of Sonja has been delayed - - - again.

I suspect a good movie will never happen in my lifetime.  Such a shame.

 Arnold Schwarzenegger & Brigitte Nielsen in 1985's almost unwatchable Red Sonja

The fans love Sonja.
Where is Hollywood?

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