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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Dozens Arrested For Erecting “Anti-Migrant” Christian Cross in Greece

Christians Stand Against
Illegal Alien Muslims

  • Their island is a ground zero for illegal alien traffic into Europe.
  • Greek Christians who were enslaved by Muslims for centuries are told by open borders Leftists they must not oppose Islam.

(Infowars)  -  Dozens were arrested in Lesbos, Greece, for erecting a large Christian metal cross reportedly meant to deter migrants from entering the region.
Thirty-five Greek citizens and one Albanian used two crane trucks early Sunday morning to place the cross near a major route that migrants use to enter Europe, the majority of which who are Muslim.
“…If they tear it (the cross), we’ll raise it again,” said a local. “They have to understand this is our land, this is our religion, and this is our symbol.”
The group was accused of “arbitrary occupation of public property” and illegally building on a site that is protected by archeological law.
They are scheduled to be brought to a local Prosecutor’s Office and the trucks used were seized and later returned to their owners.
Interestingly, the same rocky cliff is where an “intercultural coexistence” group tore down another cross last October because it was “offensive to migrants” passing through.

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