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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Professor suspended for asking a student to know English

Retard Alert
A World Gone Mad

  • BOTTOM LINE  -  Why would any student go to a university where he does not know the language? And why would a school accept a student like this when they will be unable to teach him the material.
  • Worse, the retarded Leftist students naturally see no problem with a student not being able to understand the material he is studying. 

(WND)  -  A prominent Washington-based government watchdog, Judicial Watch, is describing as “political correctness gone amok” the suspension of an engineering professor for advising a student to “learn English.”
“The egregious incident occurred this month at the University of Kansas, a taxpayer-funded institution with an enrollment of 28,500 that ranks among the nation’s top public universities,” Judicial Watch said. “Situated in the northeast Kansas town of Lawrence, the school is the state’s flagship university and a premier research institution.”
The dispute developed when Gary Minden, who teaches electrical engineering and computer science, “told a foreign student who was using an online translation system on a cell phone that the student should ‘learn English.'”
The professor, in fact, is a University of Kansas alumnus who received undergraduate and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering. In the 1990s he served as information technology program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a Pentagon agency with a $3 billion budget dedicated to developing technologies for the military.
“The unidentified student evidently was not bothered over the suggestion, but others in the class were offended and an ‘hourlong discussion’ ensued in the engineering class which focuses on embedded systems. During the discussion things apparently got heated and many students in the class became very upset,” Judicial Watch said.
University officials said they assigned a different instructor while the dispute is under review.
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