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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Captain Marvel

Bullshit Political Reviews
"Captain Marvel is a film you should be proud to let your children watch. It will inspire them to understand there should be no limits on what women can achieve."
Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer

By Gary;

God I hate politically obsessed morons.

The idiot Right-Wingers trashed Captain Marvel on sites like Rotten Tomatoes before the film was even released. Meanwhile stupid Left-Wingers insist in rubbing the faces of movie goers in women's liberation politics.

Fuck both sides.

I go to movies to be entertained and escape the insanity of life.  No more. No less.

So getting to the movie itself there was a minor (very minor) theme of women's liberation.  Big deal.  Don't care.  The character Peggy Carter in Captain America was liberated and faced discrimination, but the film makers wisely avoided wallowing in the subject.

These social issues are facts of life. You need to deal with them to some degree to make a movie relateable and realistic to an audience.

As to the movie.  Brie Larson was rather cold and robotic as Marvel. On the other hand, she had been trained to be a warrior and to suppress emotion so perhaps we can give her a pass. Still Larson did not shine on screen.

Samuel L. Jackson was surprisingly boring as Nick Fury. This might have been on purpose so his electric personality would not dominate the film and overshadow the main character.

The mish-mash of other characters, alien races and sub plots are largely OK at best.  They act as little more than props for the main character of Marvel.

The action scenes were plentiful and no doubt the best part of the movie.

Captain Marvel succeeds as a Saturday afternoon matinee popcorn flick. A classic?  No way.  But I had a good time which is the point of any good movie,

Rated 7 out of 10

Liberal BS
These phony political reviews gushing over "liberated" woman Captain Marvel ignore the fact that the Black Widow (introduced in 1964) and Wonder Woman (in 1941) were liberated long, long before Marvel was created.

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