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Saturday, March 2, 2019

GOP pushes for more imported cheap labor

GOP Traitors
Are Open Borders Whores

  • I have told this story before. My wife's Los Angeles area employer fired all the American citizen workers on the 1st floor and shipped the jobs to the Philippines. 
  • Then they fired all the American citizen workers on the 2nd floor and imported "Temp" workers from India at low wages and zero benefits.
  • My wife and the other American citizen workers on the 3rd floor are waiting for the Death Sentence to come down from Corporate.

GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer is leading a drive to reward 300,000 Indian visa workers for taking college graduate jobs from at least 200,000 young middle aged or older American graduates.

Via Twitter, the North Dakota Senator is pushing the “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act,” which was also championed by former GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder until he lost his 2018 election.

The legislation “is about exactly that: fairness,” Cramer tweeted. “The long wait for these green cards is a disservice to legal immigrants and to the potential of the American economy. Let’s get this passed.”

But Cramer’s bill does not offer fairness or safeguards to the many Americans who are losing careers or starter jobs to the imported army of roughly 500,000 Indian workers and recruiters, said Dawn Collins, a former vice-president at J.P. Morgan Chase bank.

U.S. Workers Are Fucked Again
When the GOP controlled Congress they did exactly Jack Shit about stopping immigration and actually aggressively worked to expand immigration.
The open borders GOP is clueless why they lost the House. The answer is: Why should American workers go out of their way to support an open borders party that wants to fuck them in the ass over and over by allowing the endless importation of cheap labor?

Casey and other American professionals were forced out of their software jobs in 2016 to make room for Indians who had H-1B work visas, she said, adding “some people I know still have not found a job … a lot of people took lesser jobs; a lot retired early.”

The Americans were pushed out of their jobs when Indians signed up with U.S. and Indian outsourcing companies to take the Americans’ middle-class jobs. Their Indians’ reward is very low wages — plus the chance of eventually being paid with green cards and citizenship, Collins said.

Collins now leads Protect U.S. Workers which is trying to curb the huge white collar outsourcing industry. Her advocacy task is difficult, in part, because many U.S. workers need to hide their identity so they will not be blackballed by the Indian recruiters who are hired to fill many jobs in the U.S. technology sector. For example, Collins has been using the name “Dawn Casey” to shield herself from retaliation by the industry.

Cramer’s pending bill, she said will greatly worsen the outsourcing problem by encouraging more Indians to take U.S. middle-class jobs.

Indian graduates have already displaced many Americans who operated and maintained the computer systems needed by banks, airlines, insurance companieshospitals, and many other industries — despite the greater risk of privacy breaches, security vulnerabilities and corporate discrimination against young American graduates, she said. Cramer’s bill will help the alliance of Indian outsourcing companies and U.S. investment firms to outsource many more Americans’ jobs in healthcareaccounting, and engineering jobs, she said.

Nationwide, at least 1.5 million American college-graduate jobs are being outsourced to foreign graduates via the H-1B, L-1, OPT, CPT, J-1, H4EAD, and TN visa programs. That number, however, understates the job-loss impact because many of the Indian visa-workers are also managing teams of workers in India who are doing jobs once held by other Americans.

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