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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Dems to FORCE doctors to do abortions

Dems have blood on their hands
The Democrat Cult of Death

A bill that would force doctors and nurses in New Mexico to perform abortions has passed the state House and is now at the Democrat-controlled state Senate.

House Bill 51 is similar to New York’s Reproductive Health Act, signed into law by Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Virginia’s Repeal Act,  introduced by Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran and endorsed by Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam. Both pieces of legislation endeavored to remove all restrictions to abortion

“[The bill] compels doctors, nurses, hospitals to perform abortion,” said Republican state Rep. Rod Montoya, reported the Daily Caller. “We believe this bill if it passes will be challenged.”

The legislation eliminates a conscience clause that protects the right of doctors, nurses, and hospitals to refuse to participate in an abortion due to religious beliefs or moral conviction.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, six Democrats joined Republicans in the state House to vote against the bill: Anthony Allison of Fruitland; Doreen Wonda Johnson of Church Rock; Patricia Lundstrom of Gallup; Patricio Ruiloba of Albuquerque; Joseph Sanchez of Alcalde; and Candie Sweetser of Deming.

New Mexico already allows abortion up until birth. The current bill would remove a criminal ban on abortion that remains on the books since before the Supreme Court’s invention of a right to abortion in Roe v. Wade in 1973.

Montoya added that the legislation “continues the practice of late term abortion in New Mexico. The abortion industry is not regulated at all in New Mexico.”

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