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Friday, February 22, 2019

Communist Scientists to create Superhumans

The Leader
Created in 1964 by Stan Lee, The Leader was exposed to gamma radiation which mutated him into a green skinned, super-intelligent entity who became an enemy of the Hulk.  More . . .

Modern Nazis Wear Lab Coats
  • The Nazis used good old fashioned sex to create a Master Race. But sex takes too long. Enter the modern Nazis in lab coats.
  • Look for a government funded Master Race to be created using the excuse of preventing "disease".  But there is a long laundry list of "undesirable traits" the Master Race scientists will be ordered to remove from the gene pool.

"Only racially higher peoples are creators and bearers of a high culture. Only they determine the course of events. Inferior races have no history. They lack the necessary ability, the ability to master their own fate. Only racially advanced peoples have this ability. Races that do not have the courage to make history have no history."

The brains of two genetically edited girls born in China last year may have been changed in ways that enhance cognition and memory, scientists say.

The twins, called Lulu and Nana, reportedly had their genes modified before birth by a Chinese scientific team using the new editing tool CRISPR. The goal was to make the girls immune to infection by HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Now, new research shows that the same alteration introduced into the girls’ DNA, to a gene called CCR5, not only makes mice smarter but also improves human brain recovery after stroke, and could be linked to greater success in school.

“The answer is likely yes, it did affect their brains,” says Alcino J. Silva, a neurobiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, whose lab uncovered a major new role for the CCR5 gene in memory and the brain’s ability to form new connections. 

“The simplest interpretation is that those mutations will probably have an impact on cognitive function in the twins,” says Silva. He says the exact effect on the girls’ cognition is impossible to predict, and “that is why it should not be done.” 

The Chinese team, led by He Jiankui of the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, claimed it used CRISPR to delete CCR5 from human embryos, some of which were later used to create pregnancies. HIV requires the CCR5 gene to enter human blood cells.

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Because I'm Not A Product of Controlled Genetics! || Star Trek 1967

Created in 1941, the bio-engineered Captain America character was ahead of its time. . . and I am sorry to say science is catching up with fiction.

If we are going to do this then I want my
genetically engineered flying monkey!

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