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Monday, February 11, 2019

Russian Witches Empower Putin

Witches called for anyone who wished to hate upon Russia to 'return to the abyss' 

(Daily Mail)  -  A coven of Russian witches and seers formed a 'circle of power' on Tuesday to mobilize their supernatural energy in support of President Vladimir Putin.
Dozens of self-proclaimed sorceresses stood side by side to perform the ritual, which they say is one of the coven's most powerful.
Dressed entirely in hooded black robes, the group read aloud spells and chanted incantations in an effort to support the 66-year-old Russian leader and help him defeat his enemies.
 Alyona Polyn, the head of the coven, said the purpose of the gathering was use the occult to improve Russians' quality of life which would in turn make the world a better place.
 This means protecting and guiding Vladimir Putin along the right path, Polyn said. 
'We have gathered here to make the world better off through Russia,' she said.
 The coven leader led the spell casting during the ceremony in Moscow yesterday. 
'Breathe, Mother Earth embracing Russia on all sides,' she recited.
'Oh primordial power, return to the abyss those who wish to hate upon Russia.
'May Russia rise and step away from grief and poverty and may the coming days open the gates of happiness for Russia. All hail.'
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Dozens of witches dressed head-to-toe in hooded black robes formed the 'circle of power'.

The session was led by Alyona Polyn, the head witch of the coven, who led the spell recitals.

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