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Monday, February 11, 2019

A Little Monday Music - Annette Hanshaw

Starting The Week off on a High Note
  • I have decided to try and start each new week off on a positive high note. But being a glass half empty kind of guy I suspect things will turn into crap soon enough.

Catherine Annette Hanshaw (October 18, 1901 – March 13, 1985) was an American Jazz Age singer. She was one of the most popular radio stars of the 1930s. 

Over four million of her records had been sold by 1934.

Hanshaw began appearing on the radio in 1929. In the early 1930s, she sang on the air with Glen Gray's Casa Loma Orchestra. From 1932 to 1934, she was featured on the popular Thursday evening radio program Maxwell House Show Boat. She made her only appearance on film in the 1933 Paramount short Captain Henry's Radio Show. Her music career ended on December 6, 1937, after a performance on The Chevrolet Musical Moments Revue.

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I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling (1929)

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