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Saturday, November 24, 2018

The total collapse of the California GOP

So Goes California
So Goes America
Immigration changes California

The Middle Class is telling the GOP to take a hike
  • In district after district after district, well-off middle class California voters are rejecting the Republicans and sending Democrats to Congress. 
  • The California Republican Party is sinking fast.  In time that will make GOP control of the House of Representatives almost impossible.

Thank open borders and a pathetic and ball-less California GOP that stands for and does next to nothings.

Statewide Races

The GOP could not even manage to run candidates for U.S. Senate or Lt. Governor.  The party lost all other statewide races by landslide numbers.

State Legislature

There are now 2/3s plus super majorities in both the State Senate and the State Assembly.

U.S. Congress

For Congressional seats the total collapse of the GOP can be seen.

Some 65% of California voters supported Leftists. Republicans are down to only 8 seats in the entire state.  In 7 districts the GOP did not even bother to run candidates.

GOP Weakness
The California GOP is so weak that in 3 districts it was Democrat vs Green Party with no Republican on the November ballot at all.
California's 13th congressional district election, 2018
Primary election
DemocraticBarbara Lee (incumbent)159,75199.3
GreenLaura Wells (write-in)8320.5
RepublicanJeanne Marie Solnordal (write-in)1780.1
LibertarianJames M. Eyer (write-in)390.0
No party preferenceLanenna Joiner (write-in)260.0
American IndependentVincent May (write-in)30.0
Total votes160,829100.0
General election
DemocraticBarbara Lee (incumbent)246,59288.4
GreenLaura Wells32,35611.6
Total votes278,948100.0
Democratic hold


California's 34th congressional district election, 2018
Primary election
DemocraticJimmy Gomez (incumbent)54,66178.7
GreenKenneth Mejia8,98712.9
LibertarianAngela Elise McArdle5,8048.4
Total votes69,452100.0
General election
DemocraticJimmy Gomez (incumbent)94,99272.9
GreenKenneth Mejia35,26627.1
Total votes130,258100.0
Democratic hold


California's 40th congressional district election, 2018
Primary election
DemocraticLucille Roybal-Allard (incumbent)35,63680.3
GreenRodolfo Cortes Barragan8,74119.7
Total votes44,377100.0
General election
DemocraticLucille Roybal-Allard (incumbent)78,31277.4
GreenRodolfo Cortes Barragan22,80422.6
Total votes101,116100.0
Democratic hold



A One-Party State
45 Democrat Congressmen
Only 8 Republicans

GOP Congressional seats are colored pink to represent the cowardly pussy Republicans who are frightened to death to do anything about anything. The dark blue seats are the GOP seats that went Democrat.

Republican Palm Springs
is now Democrat

Not that long ago you could drive from Santa Barbara on the California coast to Los Angeles to Palm Springs and the Arizona border and virtually never leave a Republican Congressional District.  Now almost every single seat is held by Leftist Democrats.
Republicans are losing solid middle class seats.  The GOP not being able to win over the middle class means the party will become extinct.

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Armand Vaquer said...

I am posting this at my blog. California is a basket case. It is not too late for the rest of the country.

The problem with the 2018 Election was that the GOP was vastly outspent by the Democrats. They bombarded the airwaves with smear campaign ads and the Republican candidates could not compete and respond. The GOP needs to modernize fundraising in order to compete. Big business is not in the Republican Party's pocket. Saying otherwise is perpetuating a myth.

The Republican Party has to beef up voter registration.

The GOP needs to purge those Jeff Flake RINO "McClellan Republicans" out of the party. They must also take stands of "bold colors and no pale pastel shades" AND REALLY MEAN IT! - A.