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Friday, November 30, 2018

Pentagon to Build Iron Men and Super Soldiers

We are that fucking stupid

(Reuters) - The U.S. Army is investing millions of dollars in experimental exoskeleton technology to make soldiers stronger and more resilient, in what experts say is part of a broader push into advanced gear to equip a new generation of “super-soldiers.”

The technology is being developed by Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) with a license from Canada-based B-TEMIA, which first developed the exoskeletons to help people with mobility difficulties stemming from medical ailments like multiple sclerosis and severe osteoarthritis.

Worn over a pair of pants, the battery-operated exoskeleton uses a suite of sensors, artificial intelligence and other technology to aid natural movements.

For the U.S. military, the appeal of such technology is clear: Soldiers now deploy into war zones bogged down by heavy but critical gear like body armor, night-vision goggles and advanced radios. Altogether, that can weigh anywhere from 90 to 140 pounds (40-64 kg), when the recommended limit is just 50 pounds (23 kg).

“That means when people do show up to the fight, they’re fatigued,” said Paul Scharre at the Center for a New American Security, who helped lead a series of studies on exoskeletons and other advanced gear.

“The fundamental challenge we’re facing with infantry troops is they’re carrying too much weight.”

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Step #1  -  Iron Men

Step #2 - Super Soldiers
Created in 1941, the bio-engineered Captain America
character was ahead of its time. . . and I am sorry
to say science is catching up with fiction.

Step #3  -  Terminators
Once artificial intelligence is good enough the Iron Men and Super Soldiers will be replaced by Terminators. The public relations BS will be "We will reduce human casualties in wars." But the truth is the Elites think the Terminators will not disobey orders.
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Robot Soldiers
Yes, we are that fucking stupid.

Every aspect of society is being taken over by robots, computers and an Internet run "automatically" by an ever growing artificial intelligence.
Have any of these idiot scientists and generals ever seen a Sci Fi film . . . or maybe they have and they are using books and movies as their guide to slowly take over society from humans.

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