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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

SHOCK - The GOP Threw The 2018 Elections

2018 Election Autopsy
Conventional "Wisdom" Says The GOP Fought Hard To Win. Conventional Wisdom is Wrong.

By Gary;

I have always been a contrarian.

The bought and paid for Elites, through their controlled media machine, tell me something is true. My automatic reaction is: "Bullshit."

The biggest lie in 2018 is the open borders GOP fought hard to win.  Not true.

The evidence is the total lack of any national platform that told voters what the party stands for and what they would do on day one of a new Congress.

1st Amendment & Internet Censorship

The Republicans were handed the Golden Ticket of all Golden Tickets for the election. Defending the 1st Amendment.

The #1 plank in that platform should have been internet censorship by Leftist Democrats of Conservative websites. Except for President Trump the GOP was silent.

Now why you ask yourself would ANY political party deliberately ignore such a hot issue?

My theory is the open borders GOP views Nationalists, Libertarians and Conservatives as their real enemy.

With freedom loving Americans silenced on the Internet the bipartisan Oligarchs can get down to business with no one to question them.

Other Ignored National Planks:

Simply, the open borders GOP controlled Congress failed to take action while they held power, but they also failed to campaign to the voters that they would act.

Voters were deliberately not told of any meaningful action the GOP would take.

Why would any party NOT campaign on hot issues?

The only possible answer is the GOP agrees more with the Democrats on those issues than they do with President Trump and their own voters.

A Pre-Election Censorship Report

The Pretend GOP - Dem Pillow Fight
Using a made for TV pillow fight the open borders "Conservative" GOP pretends to battle the open borders "Liberal" Democrats.  But no matter who wins the election the borders stay wide, wide open.
Both parties are bought and paid for by international cartels. Very few policies really change.

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