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Monday, November 12, 2018

Charmed Reboot Reviews

The Elite Critics are Full of Shit

The politically correct Elites are usually out of sink with fans. In this case the "professional critics" are in another universe.

I love the original show, but I am done with this rebooted crap.

But The Fans Know What They Like
I love the gritty truth of fans

Its boring its just cramped packed with feminists and LGBT propaganda and it would have been better if it was spaced out not cramed packed. It's a pale comparison to the original where it was about beautiful, in-powering women with a great story, but this is just complete garbage.

Good grief whatever this is, it certainly doesn't have any charm.

Watched the first half (not even). Characters not likeable at all (with exception of the new sister)... I'd rather go to the dentist than watch another minute of this crap. If I ever decide to watch charmed I'll settle for the original cause this... well, if this survives season 1 then the world surely is going to hell in a handbag.

I cannot fathom how this actually made it to television. It was awful. The effects were bad and the writing was bad. The agenda is obvious. I could barely watch and keep from falling asleep.

Miss the days of shows and moives that told good stories with great characters. It will never live up to the legend of Prue, Piper, Phobe, Paige, Cole and Leo!

The creators made a film about feminists, sexual minorities, national minorities, but they forgot that the film is a story, not a platform to impose all this shit.

Awful acting, awful propaganda, awfully written. Just plain awful.

Is it a bad joke or is it really happening ?

This show is more about pushing a deeply flawed as well as just flat out misinformed world view based on far left feminist propaganda.

The worst of the worst. Jesus Christ, what the hell is this? 

Awful. Do yourself a favour, watch the original, This is some cheap unoriginal crap shoving an agenda down your throat at every turn. I would give this 0 starts if I could.

HORRIBLE, bad acting, fugly people....grotesque version of the original. WHY can't they leave good enough alone??? WHY do they have to screw up what was done right the first time?

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