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Friday, November 17, 2017

"Trust Indicators" to be used by Google to censor Conservative Media

(USA Today)  -  Facebook, Google, Twitter and several media outlets including The Washington Post plan to begin using "Trust Indicators" to help assure users of the reliability of their content and combat fabricated stories.

These new indicators will appear as symbols in online journalism — attesting how a story was reported, by whom and their credentials, and a media property's standards — and as pieces of online code to deliver improved search and news results.

The developments come as part of the social media giants and media outlets seek to reverse Americans' declining trust in news and in stories they see passed along on social media.

“As a news consumer, I want news I can trust. I want to be able to read a piece of news and know who’s behind it, where the information comes from, and the reporting values of the news organization," said Craiglist founder Craig Newmark, whose philanthropic fund is helping fund this offensive on fake news called The Trust Project.

“In today’s digitized and socially networked world, it’s harder than ever to tell what’s accurate reporting, advertising, or even misinformation,” Lehrman said in a statement Thursday. “An increasingly skeptical public wants to know the expertise, enterprise and ethics behind a news story. The Trust Indicators put tools into people’s hands, giving them the means to assess whether news comes from a credible source they can depend on.”

“We believe the indicators can help our algorithms better understand authoritative journalism – and help us to better surface it to consumers," said Richard Gingras, vice president of news products at Google, in a statement. Google is among those helping fund the Trust Project.

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