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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lack of social programs makes Muslims violent says French President

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

  • Leftists have no clue about the real world. If only there were more Big Government social programs Muslims would love everyone.

(Breitbart London)  -  French President Emmanuel Macron has blamed France for the rise of Islamism and said the Republic was not good enough for “youths”, as he outlined a series of social programmes for the country’s migrant-dominated, low-income neighbourhoods.

“Radicalisation has taken hold because the French Republic has resigned,” Macron said on Tuesday in the northern French city of Tourcoing, near Lille, as he outlined 15 social policy plans.

Focusing on the banlieues (low-income housing projects), which are home to large Muslim populations and were known for mass riots a decade ago, the French president said: “I will never confuse the few thousand radicalised and the millions of inhabitants of these neighbourhoods.”

Acknowledging that “in many of these troubled territories, radicalisation has taken hold”, he said that that fact should lead the nation to “question itself”.

“This radicalisation happened because the Republic gave up,” Macron told the crowd in Tourcoing. “And we allowed, in too many cities, too many districts, representatives of a distortion of a religion who are full of hate and disenfranchisement to provide solutions that the Republic no longer gives.”

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