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Thursday, November 30, 2017

71% of Millennials Want Third Political Party

U.S. Democracy is an Illusion

  • Poll after poll says Americans on both the Left and the Right are sick to death of the bought and paid for "major" parties and the lack of voter choices.
  • But year after year goes by and voters are force fed the same two corrupt parties. No other choices are allowed. 
  • Election Reform  -  American voters no longer have any representation in our own government. Local voters are given the "right" to select which bought and paid for candidate of the Billionaire Cartels will represent them. No more than that.

(Newsmax)  -  Seventy-one percent of millennials say a third political party is needed, while just 26 percent say the Republican and Democratic parties do an adequate job, a new NBC News/GenForward poll reveals.
Here is how the poll of millennials breaks down:
  • 74 percent of men say a third party is needed;
  • 69 percent of women believe a third party is necessary;
  • 59 percent have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party;
  • 42 percent have an unfavorable view of the Democratic Party;
  • 60 percent disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job;
  • 63 percent disapprove of the way President Donald Trump is handling his job; 22 percent approve and 15 percent say they neither approve nor disapprove.
The poll, conducted Oct. 26-Nov. 10. surveyed 1,876 adults between the ages of 18 and 34.  The margin of error is plus or minus 3.92 percentage points.
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Free Elections in Algeria
But NOT in the United States
Algeria is authoritarian, but there are a lot more choices on their ballot than in the U.S.

Every democratic nation on earth, except the U.S., has free multi-party elections with many different political parties in their legislatures. The election below in Algeria is only one of dozens of examples. Meanwhile here in the U.S. the same two corrupt parties magically win 100% of elections for Congress.

In the early American Republic multi-party elections were common. Today only those candidates willing to be bought and paid for are allowed to enter the halls of Congress. To say the U.S. needs election reform is an understatement.
I supported Nationalist Donald Trump, but for years I have refused to vote for the open borders Republican Party candidates for Congress. 

In any other nation I could vote for a Nationalist Party . . . not in America. So I have no party to vote for. I will leave the office of Congressman blank on my ballot in 2018.

Parliament in Algeria
Many, many different political parties are elected

Algerian Legislative Elections

National Liberation Front1,681,32125.99164–44
National Rally for Democracy964,56014.91100+32
Rally for Hope for Algeria270,1124.1819New
Future Front265,5644.1114+12
Algerian Popular Movement241,0873.7313+6
Workers' Party191,9652.9711–13
Socialist Forces Front152,4892.3614–13
National Republican Alliance121,1561.876+4
Freedom and Justice Party88,4181.372
New Dawn82,9931.281
Dignity Party81,1801.263
Movement for National Reform77,2901.191
El Fath69,0631.071
Rally for Culture and Democracy65,8411.029+9
National Front for Social Justice63,8270.991
Party of Youth63,6820.982
Movement of National Understanding51,9600.804
New Algeria Front49,4130.761
Ahd 5442,1600.652–1
Republican Patriotic Rally40,6450.6320
El-Infitah Movement38,0610.592+1
National Struggle Front34,6950.542
Union of Democratic and Social Forces33,3720.521–2
National Front for Freedom31,9760.491
Free Democratic Front28,7900.452
National Party for Solidarity and Development28,6170.442–2
Party of Algerian Renewal24,5840.3810
National Assembly Union17,5770.271
National Union for Development15,0370.231
National Movement of Algerian Workers14,3690.221
Movement of Free Citizens14,0850.2210
Equity and Proclamation Party13,4000.211
Algerian National Front876,11113.540–9
Other parties0
Invalid/blank votes1,757,043
Registered voters/turnout23,251,50337.37
Source: Constitutional Council

Algerian legislative election, 2017
People's National Assembly

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bourgiba said...

You pretty funny .
Free elections in Algeria .
Man ... on the first one of those ... gave a so call FIS election , radical Islam platform , ... and after the FLN move to made a coup d`etat on those radicals ... business as usual
There are more freedom on US ballot system than on those all togheter countries .
I s*** you not .
Well ... as so better the old FLN .
Its sad . But is as so.