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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Democrat Gas Tax Starts

Democrat Math

  • The only math Socialist Democrats understand is to take from those who work and re-distribute that wealth to illegal aliens, government workers and businessmen who fund Democrat campaigns.

(Armand's Rancho del Cielo)  -  Thanks to Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democrat-controlled legislature, California's gasoline tax goes up twelve cents tomorrow.

The Daily News reported:

The day after Halloween, an unpopular force lurking in gas pumps will start siphoning more money from Californians’ wallets. 
It’s not the plot from a horror movie. It’s a 12-cents per gallon increase in the state’s base gasoline-excise tax that takes effect Wednesday, Nov. 1. The increase raises the tax to 30 cents a gallon, with adjustments for inflation starting in 2020 that could make it even more expensive. 
Taxes on California diesel fuel are going up as well. The excise tax on diesel will rise 20 cents, making the total tax 36 cents a gallon. And the diesel sales tax rate will go from 1.75 to 5.75 percent. 
But wait. There’s a sequel. 
Starting next year, a new fee ranging from $25 to $175 based on a vehicle’s worth will be added to the cost of vehicle registration, with zero-emission vehicles subject to a $100 annual fee starting in July 2020.

That's what happens when you have a one-party rule.

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Anonymous said...

man !!! it`s like in my own country , run by a born looser , supported by comunists and terror incited left wingers ...