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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

HELL FREEZES OVER - MSNBC’s Chris Matthews SLAMS Hillary For ‘Deplorables’ Comment

(Gateway Pundit)  -  It turns out that Obama doesn’t give left-wing crank Chris Matthews a tingling sensation up his legs anymore because he slammed the former president and Hillary for their anti-white rhetoric.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was in Miami over the weekend for a book signing. He zinged Hillary for her ‘deplorables’ comment and took a shot at Obama’s ‘clinging to guns and religion’ hit.
“Ever since we started this Archie Bunker thing in the early ‘70s, making fun of white working people, we kissed them goodbye. You make fun of people, you look down on them, they get the message. You call them ‘deplorables,’ they hear it. You bet they hear it.
“You say they cling to their guns and religion? Oh yeah? I cling to my religion. OK. I’m a little person, and you’re a big person. Thank you, I’ll be voting for the other guy this time.”
Donald Trump won the election because he appealed to the ‘forgotten man and woman’. Middle America has been neglected by the coastal elitists in D.C. for decades. The Democrats in particular have contempt for white Christians while praising Islam and illegal aliens.
Whites are routinely demonized by the left while carrying the brunt of the tax burden.
The ‘deplorables’ hit back hard in 2016 and will do it again the next election.
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