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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Russia To Classify U.S. Media As ‘Foreign Agents’

The not so free press

  • The media is no longer some "mom and pop" locally run newspaper. 
  • The modern media is nothing more than a multinational corporate controlled propaganda machine. The only news the people are allowed to see is what the corporate owners allow on the air.
  • Russia is right. The media are little more than foreign agents.

(Reuters)  -  Russia’s parliament warned on Friday some U.S. and other foreign media could be declared “foreign agents” and obliged to regularly declare full details of their funding, finances and staffing.
Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the State Duma, said parliament could back legislation as early as next week in response to what lawmakers view as U.S. pressure on Russian media.
“Possible restrictions will be the same as those taken by the United States,” Interfax news agency quoted him as saying.
He said some U.S. media in Russia were trying to turn U.S. public opinion against Moscow.
“We understand that it’s essential to protect the interests of our citizens and the country and we will do this in the same way as the country which lays claim to be the gold standard and mentor and which is constantly talking about freedom.”
Russian lawmakers said the move was retaliation for a demand by the U.S. Department of Justice that Kremlin-backed TV station RT register in the United States as a “foreign agent”, something Moscow has said it regards as an unfriendly act.
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