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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Statues of Columbus, Jefferson and Washington should come down says Democrat

Liberal Bullshit Alert

  • Democrats love to beat the race drum about stolen land from the Indians, but I have yet to see a single Democrat give their home away to an American Indian.

(New York Post)  -  A radical Brooklyn lawmaker on Monday introduced a new state bill to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day, and slammed the famed explorer as a “murderer.”
“This land that all of us inhabit is stolen land — stolen from the indigenous people who were slaughtered and forced onto reservations,” Assemblyman Charles Barron told The Post, adding that “they should be recognized in replace of Columbus Day.”
Barron described Columbus as a “colonizer” who “enslaved Africans and slaughtered indigenous people.”
“He deserves scorn, not glorification,” he added.
Bill A8676 states: “Renaming the holiday is a small beginning in recognizing indigenous people for their historic ongoing contributions to history, culture and economic life.”
“Not only should the Columbus statues come down, but also the statues of Thomas Jefferson … and George Washington,” Barron said.

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Apocalypto - Sacrifice

Note there is not one word from Leftists about the Indian slaves held by the Aztecs and Incas or the brutal slaughter of the native Americans by their fellow native Americans.

A slave caught by Muslim Barbary pirates painted by Ernest Normand (1859–1923).
Islam Gets A Pass
Leftist scum loves to stir the pot of racism with evil stories of the horrible Europeans, but Islamic slavery of Blacks and Europeans is ignored.  
1 million to 1.25 million
 white Christian Europeans were enslaved in North Africa, from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 18th, by Muslim slave traders from Tunis, Algiers, and Tripoli alone. 
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Barbary slave trade

The Merchant's Pearl by Alfredo Valenzuela Puelma,  (c. 1884)
Islamic Sexual Slavery
Circassians, Syrians, and Nubians were the three primary races of females who were sold as sex slaves in the Muslim Ottoman Empire. Circassian girls were described as fair, light-skinned and were frequently sent by the Circassian leaders as gifts to the Ottomans. They were the most expensive, reaching up to 500 pounds sterling and the most popular with the Turks.
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Arab Slave Trade
Slavery in the Ottoman Empire

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Anonymous said...

mamutes are claiming the whole america as a specie that came before indigeous people
the same as sharks , most kind of bugs , crocs ( even the floridian ones )
its a never end of crazed , BS , claims ...